Zega Mame Gear Pre-install Checks

Zega Mame Gear Pre-install Checks

Power Board

  1. Connect the power board to a USB-C power source
  2. Ensure the battery level LEDs illuminate


  1. Disconnect the USB-C power supply
  2. Connect the Power Board to the Mainboard using the supplied 4 pin connector

  1. Toggle the power switch ensuring the power LED on the Mainboard illuminates. You will need to toggle the switch twice to turn on and off. This is normal.

Image download

  1. Download the required image for your model Raspberry Pi. Images are available from the Zega Mame Gear page.
  2. Burn the image to an SD card. I recommend using either win32diskimager or Balena Etcher.
  3. Please the SD Card into your Raspberry Pi and connect to a TV/Monitor via HDMI to ensure image has flashed correctly.
  4. Shutdown the Raspberry Pi safely and plug it into your Zega Mame Gear Mainboard

Connecting the Raspberry Pi

  1. Plug the Raspberry Pi into the 40 pin connector on the Zega Mame Gear Mainboard
  2. Ensure the Raspberry Pi is fitted securely and correctly with no pins overlapping or lying outside of the connector
  3. Connect a USB-C power source and switch on the Zega Mame Gear. The LCD should be white at this stage and will remain white until initialised

Checking Inputs

Clean all contacts with isopropyl alcohol prior to testing
  1. Once Retropie has loaded, check each input pad for correct operation. Use the Game Gear DPAD if necessary. Do not forget to check the 'SELECT' button on the right hand side of the Mainboard.

  1. Use the power switch to shutdown the device.
  2. Once shutdown is complete, the LCD will switch off. It is now safe to remove the USB-C power supply.

Audio Board

  1. Ensure all power is disconnected and the Power Board is switched OFF
  2. Connect the Audio Board using the supplied 5 pin connector
  3. Connect the provided speaker to the 2 pin connector situated on the Audio Board
  4. Connect a USB-C power supply and power on the Zega Mame Gear
  5. Load up a ROM through Retropie to test the Audio through the connected speaker. Ensure the volume is turned all the way up using the volume wheel on the Audio board.
Do not adjust audio settings through Retropie


Check the battery connector polarity before plugging into the power board
  1. Ensure mains power is disconnected and the power switch is OFF
  2. Connect at least 1 battery to the Power Board
  3. Switch on the Power Board and ensure the front power LED illuminates and the battery level LEDs show the current battery level
  4. Toggle the power switch twice to switch of the device (this is normal) and ensure the power LED goes off.
  5. Wait for the battery level LEDS to go off
  6. Connect a USB-C power source and ensure the battery charges. When charging, solid LEDs show the current battery level and an additional LED will be flashing.

Composite LCD soldering

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